Castrocaro Terme Festival Hall

Viale Marconi, 32, 47011 Terra del Sole FC, Italy

Simona Bertolaso

Terra del Sole


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The Padiglione delle Feste (Party Pavilion) is one of the three buildings of the Castrocaro Terme spa complex standing out for its elegance and refinement, one of the most important in the panorama of Italian rationalist architecture of the Ventennio (Fascist period).

It was inaugurated in 1938, designed by the architect Diego Corsari, and enriched by the splendid glaze metallic ceramic decorations by Tito Chini, produced in the Tuscan factories of Borgo San Lorenzo.

With a basilica plan, it has two floors and is characterized externally by the brick cladding, with the volumes outlined by white travertine and black marble mouldings. The façade is characteristic, consisting of a semi-circular central body clad in travertine with large openings on two floors and two lateral bodies clad in iridescent bricks, on which relief tiles with metallic lustres stand out: cornucopias, dolphins and amphorae. Two elegant green marble fountains complete the ornamentation of the façade, together with the inscription at the top “PADIGLIONE”, at the sides of which are two large metopes representing the Maternity.

Inside the building there is an airy and spectacular semicircular atrium, the floor is in marble, with a large and beautiful circular mosaic in the center of polychrome majolica tiles. The hall is surmounted by a beautiful circular skylight with three concentric bands decorated with symbols of the constellations, the zodiac and the stars.

For fifty years, the stage of the Festival Hall was the venue for the famous singing competition ‘Festival delle Voci Nuove’.

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