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Caño Cristales River and its wonderful colors

Caño Cristales, often referred to as the “River of Five Colors” or the “Liquid Rainbow,” is a remarkable river in Colombia located in the Serranía de la Macarena province of Meta. This river is not only a natural wonder due to its vibrant colors, but it also offers a rich tapestry of both science and history.

The vivid colors of Caño Cristales are most prominent between the wet and dry seasons, from late July to November. This spectacle is primarily due to an aquatic plant called Macarenia clavigera. This plant, found on the riverbed, requires precise conditions to thrive—adequate water level, just the right amount of sunlight, and a specific range of water temperature.

<strong>Caño Crist<strong>ales

As for its colors, during this peak season, patches of the riverbed glow in vibrant shades: red, pink, yellow, green, and blue, making it look like streaks of paint in the water. This phenomenon makes Caño Cristales one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.

Historically, the area around Caño Cristales was off-limits due to guerrilla warfare in Colombia, which preserved its pristine condition away from heavy tourism impacts. It was only after the decline in conflicts in the 2000s that Caño Cristales became accessible to visitors and scientists alike.

<strong>Caño Crist<strong>ales

The region’s flora and fauna are equally impressive. The national park surrounding the river, part of the larger La Macarena National Natural Park, is a biodiverse hotspot. Here, you can find over 420 bird species, 10 amphibian species, 43 reptile species, and numerous primates. Moreover, the park is home to ancient rock formations with paintings that date back thousands of years, offering a glimpse into the early human history of the region.

<strong>Caño Crist<strong>ales

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