Canal St-Martin

Built in 1825 to connect the city to the great bend of the Seine to the west of Paris, today the Canal St-Martin, which runs underground as far as Bastille and resurfaces after 2.5 kilometers near Place de la République, has been extensively renovated and some parts have been embellished to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians. The most interesting part of the canal is to the south, along the Quai de Jemmapes and the Quai de Valmy, very picturesque with their high iron footbridges. On both sides of the canal, which is very popular with young people, there are designer shops, cultural centers and dozens of cafes and bistros perfect for the aperitif hour. Even in the side streets of this area, where you can also admire some street art, a growing number of trendy cafes and elegant boutiques are springing up!

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