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Cahors: Valentré Bridge

The Valentré Bridge, a majestic medieval bridge built in the 14th century (from 1308 to 1378), is one of the most remarkable bridges in southern France, either in terms of architecture or construction. It constitutes one of the major attractions and iconic monuments of Cahors, an atypical area from the south-west of France.Nestled at the foot of Cahors’ cliffs, this bridge crosses and dominates the Lot River with a length of 138 meters and a height of 40 meters above water level. Six huge arches of 16.50 meters with triangular pier-heads enhance the bridge’s resistance, while three sumptuous square towers complete with machicolations stand at both ends and in the centre of the bridge, and control the access to the city from the west side. Although it was built and designed to span the centuries, the bridge underwent extensive restoration in 1879, which greatly changed its original appearance. A wonderful Gothic architecture and a titanic building, which stayed ahead of its time, make the Valentré Bridge an exceptional monument that deserves to be among UNESCO’s World Heritage within which it is registered since 1998.

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