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Burano: The most colourful village in the world!

The island that always looks on the bright side: Take a tour of the Venetian town of Burano which is one of the most colourful places in the world! The Venetian Lagoon is an expansive bay in the Adriatic Sea, made up of over 70 named islands and dozens more small islets. Each is distinct in culture and character. To the north of the cove is Burano – a dazzling, rainbow-colored fisherman town. Burano is made up of a group of four small islands linked together by a series of bridges and held together even more solidly by their colorful painting trend. The eye-catching color scheme has been upheld for decades and was even beginning to fade until recent years when the practice was reinstated. Now, Burano’s houses pop with bright colors that almost look photoshopped as the homes are repainted every two years. Each house is painted a different color from its neighbors and in fact, anyone that wants to paint their place needs to get approval from the local community government first. In addition to its uniquely painted houses, Burano is renowned for its quality lacework and even boasts a Museum of Lace, although photography is prohibited on premise.

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