Britzer Park

Sangerhauser Weg 1, 12349 Berlin, Germany

Simona Bertolaso



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The Britzer Garten is a large park in Berlin, named after Britz, a neighborhood of the borough of Neukölln. It was constructed for the Bundesgartenschau 1985, in order to provide a new landscape park to the citizens in the southeast of West-Berlin, who were at that time cut off from the surrounding countryside.
A ten-hectare lake landscape, themed gardens such as the rose garden, play areas, a geological garden and the witch garden invite you to linger.
The large outdoor laboratory provides information about animal and plant worlds with a permanent exhibition. The largest sundial in Europe is located on the calendar square. If the walk in the 100-hectare garden has exhausted you, you can stop off in one of the three restaurants that are open all year round ( Britzer Seeterrassen , Bistro am Kalenderplatz, Restaurant Britzer Mühle ).

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