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Bridgehead Museum

The Bridgehead Museum in Lagundo is probably the smallest museum in South Tyrol! Here you can visit a well-preserved historic bridgehead and admire the intricate art of medieval stonemasons, directly on the Via Claudia Augusta, the most important trade route of the ancient Romans. It is an assured fact that the ancient Romans operated a bridge over the then wild Adige River in order to collect taxes and fees here. Thus, the remains of the bridgehead were for a long time considered a relict from the Roman era so that a finding of wood below the foundations gave the result as nothing: the Lagundo bridgehead in its present form dates "only" from the Middle Ages! However, considering the history of the Etsch river up to its regulation with its repeated flooding, it is not surprising that old documents testify that even the Romans had to rebuild this bridge frequently.

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