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Annurca Apple, the queen of apples

By now it is widely known that an apple a day is good for you and keeps the doctor away, as these fruits have important beneficial and therapeutic properties for our body. The annurca apple, in this sense, is certainly one of the most beneficial qualities, it is not by chance that it also obtained the IGP denomination. If you think it is a winter type of apple, even a Christmas one, you will be surprised to know the harvesting is done in autumn, whereas its consumption goes on until the beginning of summer. Considered the "queen of apples", for its nutritional and organoleptic properties, the annurca apple is the only Italian apple originating from the south, precisely from Campania, where the cultivations are particularly concentrated in the areas of Naples, Caserta and Benevento. Its name, characteristic, derives from "mela orcula", the first name of the fruit, dating back to Roman times, (then later orcola, anorcola and annorcola), coming from the area of origin of Campania, the so called Orco area. Of medium-small size, therefore smaller than the bigger apples typical of northern Italy, the annurca apple is characterized by a rounded shape, slightly flattened, smooth and waxy skin and a bright and brilliant red color, tinged with orange towards the stem. The pulp, white in color, is compact, crunchy, juicy and very fragrant, with a very aromatic flavor, which changes according to the variety. The two main ones are the "Sorgente", characterized by a sourish aroma and a red color typically streaked with yellow-green, and the "Caporale", sweeter, and with a red color dotted with white. But let’s take a closer look at the 10 most important properties of annurca apples: Thanks to a consistent presence of fiber, it lowers "bad" cholesterol (with pectin), cleans the arteries and therefore reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease; Excellent for strengthening the muscular system with its minerals, starting with calcium and iron; Favors hair growth; The peel, which we suggest to always eat, is very rich in cellulose and helps digestion; Because it allows a gradual absorption of sugar, it is an excellent food for diabetics; If taken raw it is astringent, if eaten cooked instead it has a laxative effect; Its acidity makes it very nutritionally rich; With its oxalic acid, and again thanks to its fibers, it is a perfect teeth whitener. Give the peels also to your dogs and cats for this function: they can use it as a natural toothpaste; It has a strong antioxidant power, so it is also good as a prevention for cancer; Useful for those who suffer from kidney stones: it fights gastric acidity and eliminates uric acid.

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