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Airdevronsix Icefalls – One of world’s most impressive icefalls

Airdevronsix Icefalls (Coordinates: 77°31’S160°22’E) is a line of icefalls at the head of Wright Upper Glacier, in Victoria Land, Antarctica. his icefall belongs to world’s most impressive natural landmarks and is approximately 5 km wide and 400 m tall. Named by U.S. Navy Operation Deepfreeze (1956–57) for U.S. Airdevronsix icefall has formed in location where the giant East Antarctic ice sheet pours (because ice is slow flowing liquid) in McMurdo Dry Valleys. Here a dolerite sill (intrusion of sturdy rocks) in Jurassic period broke through the Devonian – Triassic sandstone. This hard rock resists to the force of glaciers and as a result has formed this giant step with 400 m tall, vertical wall.

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