Typical Dishes

Abruzzo pasta and beans

The Abruzzese version of pasta and beans, sagne e fasciul are a first course of the poor cuisine which, lacking egg in the dough and meat in the sauce, covered the protein needs of the less well off social classes by combining legumes and cereals. The shape of the pasta resembles small rhombuses, from which the name sagne a pezze, which is typical not only in Abruzzo but also in other regions of central Italy. However, it is worth mentioning two recipes which are the protagonists of festivals and fairs in the province of Chieti: sagn’app’zzat e salsiccia are celebrated on August 11 in San Giovanni Lipioni; sagnë a lù cuttéùr are seasoned with meat and liver sausages, bacon and chili powder and eaten with the hands in a mega collective ritual in Castiglione Messer Marino. To lick your fingers, no doubt about it.

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