Abbateggio, country of spelt

Via Madonna dell'Elcina, 65020 Abbateggio PE, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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Spelt is an ancient foodstuff, whose cultivation dates back to the most ancient times of the Egyptians and the Mediterranean tribes; even the ancient oriental literature, Greek, biblical and Roman, frequently speaks of spelt as a habitual nourishment and as a precious offering to be presented to the divinities. With the appearance of soft and hard wheat in the Mediterranean area, the use of spelt has progressively decreased, and its cultivation remains limited to mountain areas with cold and calcareous soils; its richness lies in the scarcity of fats and in the abundance of starchy substances. The rediscovery of this food is promoted by the farm "Sapori di Bea" in C.da Scalelle, which deals with the production, processing and sale not only of spelt, but also of other typical and handicraft products.
The main reason for Abbateggio’s fame is that it has been hosting the spelt festival since 1992. More than a festival, this is an occasion to celebrate the rediscovery of this cereal.

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