A Wonderful Pilgrimage: San Vili Pathway

Lesser known, but no less meaningful and beautiful, is the Cammino San Vili or the Way of St. Vigilio that passes through the North of Italy. The Cammino San Vili is one of the best pilgrimages in Italy. While there are so many pilgrimage routes in Europe, Italy is a top choice for pilgrimage, with so many incredible saints of the Catholic Church and other traditions originating there.The Cammino San Vili is located in Trentino.The Cammino di San Vili is named after Saint Vigilio, bishop and patron saint of Trento, who, according to the legend, evangelised the inhabitants of the settlements on this way in the 4th century. The Way runs along the breath-taking mountains of the Brenta Group, reveals wonderful natural landscapes where water and stone intertwine, goes through fascinating villages with ancient traditions and excellent local food. SAT (Alpine Society of Trentino) is an alpine association operating in the Italian province of Trento, which cares for the signage and maintenance of more than thousand paths, including fixed rope routes and equipped trails, for about of 5300 km. It also owns and manages bivouacs, mountain refuges and shelters throughout the whole territory. The San Vili Pathway was opened in 1988 by the SAT, whose members operate voluntarily by cleaning and keeping the path safe, caring for red and white signs dotted along the route to help keep hikers on track.he San Vili trek is a walk through the valleys of Rendena, Giudicarie, Banale, Valle dei Laghi heading to the city of Trento, its final destination. The route twists and turns along small roads and minor paths, offering scenic views and unforgettable glimpses of alpine landscapes and tiny villages. Due to its mountain character, although it never reaches high altitudes and does not present particular technical difficulties, the path requires a minimum of athletic preparation, in addition to appropriate mountain clothing suitable for changing weather, comfortable boots and water reserve. The route is well signaled, but it may be convenient to download the maps with the tracks. It is possible to do the Walk on foot or by bicycle. As a walker, you can choose between two options: a LOW and a HIGH Itinerary. The first crosses the villages in the valley floor, and is therefore lower and flatter; the second one, instead, walks you through mountainous area passages, generally higher, and requiring more inclined walking. The SAT trails are 300, 613 and 627. Along the San Vili Trail, between Lake Lamar and Bocca Paloni, there is a small stretch where the path might seem not fully safe for inexperienced hikers.However, those who do not wish to walk along it can take two easier and shorter paths – n°615 and then n° 611 The nature is pristine.The views of the mountains are unspeakable.For me, the highlight of walking the San Vili Pathway was the many beautiful, painted churches along the trail.The Church of San Stefano in Pinzolo was one of my favorite churches!

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