Yangshuo Shangri-la

W? l? diàn báish? zhèn yángshuò, ?????? Cina, 541900

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Yangshuo Shangri-la is wonderland with happiness and ideal life style for Chinese people in many poems.
Yangshuo Shangri-la is located 44 km away from Guilin and 16 km from Yansgshuo. The Yangshuo Shangri-la combines the ancient bridge, flowing water, countryside, ancient village and ethnic group culture. The scenic spot mainly consists of Lotus Pond, Swallow Lake, Swallow Cave, Dong Village, primitive tribe and Yuanming Villa. In China, Shangri-la is wonderland with happiness and ideal life style. Yangshuo Shangri-la is one of this place which near Guilin and Yangshuo County. It just needs about 15min to drive to Yangshuo County from the Shangri-la. It is just like a simple girl standing by the road. Walking into the Peach Blossom Village, the beautiful landscape pastoral scenery presents in front of you. Water waves on the Swallow Lake reflecting the willow lines along the lake bank.

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