Waterfront of Barcola

Lungomare Benedetto Croce, 34136 Trieste TS, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



Località di mare
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Barcola is a fraction of Trieste, which develops between Roiano and Miramare. It includes the seafront and the pine forest of Barcola, places of walking, meeting and bathing. In the Roman era the occupation of the territory along the coast was carried out through the multiplication of urban-rustic villas that used the local resources, in relation with the trades, made more and more intense by the continuous expansion of Aquileia. The Barcola Riviera also attracted the attention of the Romans because of its enchanting position and the fact that the sea in the wide inlet sheltered from the winds allowed ships to dock. In the autumn of 1887, at the height of the small port of Cedas, during some excavations came to light mosaics that revealed the remains of a Roman complex dating back to the first and second centuries BC.
It was then concluded that it was a large Roman villa that extended over an area of more than four thousand square meters, with a sea front of 140 meters.

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