Vitovska, a fine autochthonous white wine

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Vitovska is an autochthonous white grape variety present throughout the Carso area, both in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and on the Slovenian side. Its name seems to come from the locality of Vipacco, now in Slovenia (Vitovlje). On the other side of the border it is known as Vitovska Gargania, and has been present in this area since time immemorial. In the national register of vine varieties, as well as in official references to specifications, it is present with the synonym Vitouska. Vitovska is a borderline grape variety, which in the past was often vinified in blends with other grapes, especially with Malvasia Istriana, but which is increasingly being offered for vinification on its own, thanks to the tendency to rediscover forgotten autochthonous grape varieties and the oenological qualities of this variety, which have led to an increasing number of producers offering it for vinification on its own.
vitovska grape variety
Vitovska has compact, pyramid-shaped bunches with spherical, green berries. It is grown in the Karst region, on soils of white-grey rock, clearly calcareous and with a good chalky component. These soils are very fertile, despite the rather barren exterior. The various periods, budding and harvesting, for example, are quite early, and the vine is grown using espalier systems. The grapes have a juicy, tasteless pulp. Despite the neutral taste of the grape, Vitovska produces wines with good personality and depth, with an olfactory range between fruity and herbaceous. The most characteristic recognition is that of Williams pear, with notes of sage on the finish.

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