Village of Tellaro

19032 Tellaro SP, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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In the shadow of the more famous town of Porto Venere, the village of Tellaro is one of the most unjustly underrated places in all of the Cinque Terre. It’s a small but charming fishing village with a colourful harbour and historic centre to explore without rubbing shoulders with crowds of tourists. Tellaro is the easternmost hamlet of the municipality of Lerici, in the province of La Spezia, and has also been reviewed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.Over the years it has been the destination of many Italian and foreign artists. For example, the writer Mario Soldati has found a home here during the long years of his old age.
Tellaro, finally, is one of the seaside villages that every year participate in the Palio del Golfo.
Suggestive stories are linked to the village. Among the most famous legends is the one that tells of the rescue of Tellaro from a night attack of Saracen pirates from North Africa by a giant octopus that aroused the population by ringing the bells of the church of San Giorgio.

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