Village of Fontegreca

81014 Fontegreca CE, Italia

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The Sava river crosses Fontegreca for five kilometres, the village rises on the slopes of Mount La Rocca and is rich in historic houses. Every corner offers surprising glimpses with views of prestigious period buildings dating back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, such as Palazzo de Benedictiis, Palazzo di Lullo and Palazzo del Barone, alongside which you can also see the old road leading to Gallo Matese.Proceeding along the main street you will reach the clock tower, the old entrance to the village, whose doors were closed to prevent access to brigands, and the church of Santo Stefano, the patron saint of Fontegreca.
Starting from the old town, you can explore the many flights of stairs that branch off to the side, wander through the labyrinths made up of small alleys, hidden hatches and arches, discover many ancient dwellings that still keep old tools, mangers and shelters for animals. And again, reach one of the many terraces that will give you overhanging views of the cypress forest below. Taking Via Madonna dei Cipressi also, the main avenue that starts from the lower part of the country, you meet an old water mill in use until a few years ago.
The road will take you to the Sanctuary, where you will find the Chapel of the Madonna dei Cipressi, built by a group of monks towards the end of the 8th century, after a shepherd or shepherd boy had found an image of the Madonna. Behind the sanctuary, which preserves beautiful majolica and special relics, you can see the remains of the monks’ cells.After visiting the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Cipressi, you can continue your walk down to the valley, reaching the entrance to the Cipresseta.

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