Trieste: Riccardo’s Arch

Piazza del Barbacan, 34121 Trieste TS, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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The Arch of Richard is a Roman monument from the middle of the 1st century AD.
It is a simple and solid construction (7.20 metres high x 5.30 metres wide and 2 metres deep), moderately decorated with pilasters and a plant motif in the under arch.
It was commonly considered one of the gates that opened in the city walls, built by Augustus in 33 BC. According to recent research, however, it is more likely to be the entrance to the adjoining sanctuary of the Magna Mater.
It is interesting why it bears the name of Richard. According to some it was adopted at the time of the Frankish domination (which extended to Trieste between 787 and 788), from the medieval deformation of King Charlemagne. According to others it derives from the dialectal deformation of the Latin word "cardo", the name of one of the two main streets of the Roman cities.

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