The Würzburg Residenz & Gardens

Residenzpl. 2, 97070 Würzburg, Germany

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One of the most important sights to see in Würzburg is the Würzburg Residenz, the Baroque palace and former residence of the Prince-Bishops of Würzburg.

Located in the eastern corner of the town, the Residenz is one of the most ornate examples of Baroque architecture, not just in Germany, but in the world, thus landing it on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With over 300 rooms decorated in elaborate frescoes, tapestries and Bohemian chandeliers, the Residenz is a sight you do not want to miss!

The palace took 60 years to complete and today houses the world’s largest ceiling fresco, a mammoth unsupported vault designed by Balthasar Neumann, representing the different continents across the world, accessible to view when walking up the grand staircase. Neumann claimed that the ceiling was indestructible and his confidence in his design was vindicated during the 1945 Würzburg bombings when the ceiling was left still in one piece.

However, much of the Residenz was destroyed during the city bombardment, destroying the north and south wings. One of the most stunning rooms is the Room of Mirrors, which was also destroyed during the final days of WWII, and was quickly reconstructed with original photographs of the room. It is entirely covered from floor to ceiling with Rococo style painted mirrors.

Afterwards, head to the Würzburg Court Gardens (Hof Garten) just behind the complex and stroll through the gardens, which has been beautifully manicured, decorated with elaborate statues and cozy benches.

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