The Verdi Theatre of Padua

Via dei Livello, 32, 35139 Padova PD, Italia

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The Teatro Verdi, Padua’s main theatre, was inaugurated on June 11, 1751 with the name of Teatro Nuovo and was built at the behest of some Paduan nobles, who entrusted the project to Antonio Cugini of Reggio and the construction to the Paduan Giovanni Gloria.
The theatre was renovated in 1848 by Giuseppe Jappelli, who designed the curved facade with the portico of eleven arches, which were later closed.
It was renamed Verdi after the restoration of 1883-1884.
Verdi Theatre
Severely damaged by Austrian bombing in 1917, the fresco on the dome was redone by Giuliano Tommasi and decorated with allegorical motifs.
The hall, foyer and Ridotto owe their current appearance to the design of architect Achille Sfondrini, the same who designed the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome.
The Teatro Verdi is the operational headquarters of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto (born July 20, 1992) while the Teatro Carlo Goldoni in Venice is the legal seat.

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