The Tarxien Temples are the largest megalithic sites

Triq It Tempji Neolitici, ?al Tarxien TXN 1063, Malta

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?al Tarxien


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The Tarxien Temples are the largest of the megalithic sites in the country of Malta. The large complex consists of four temples built between 3600 BCE – 2500 BCE. The temples were abandoned for about 100 years before being re-used between 2400 BCE – 1500 BCE. They were not rediscovered until 1913 and the site was mostly excavated from 1915 – 1919.

Evidence found by archaeologists reveals that the temple complex was most likely used for rituals, including animal sacrifices. Tarxien has also provided insight into how these megalithic structures may have been built as stone spheres, believed to be rollers for transportation, were found near the South Temple.

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