The speleological museum of Bologna is a real gem, it is located in the Cassero di Port

Via IV Novembre, Bologna BO, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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Bologna’s Speleological Museum is a real gem, located in the Cassero di Porta Lame in Piazza IV Novembre 1944, and gathers a varied collection dedicated to the world of caves. Many specimens of crystallizations and minerals from the area of Gessi Bolognesi and other geographical areas, alongside some instruments used by Bolognese speleologists since 1932, the year in which the GSB was founded, by Luigi Fantini. The Museum was completely renovated in December 2018, enhancing the collection of speleological equipment and computerizing much of the documentary heritage, which can be consulted on the website, in close relation to the current activity. On the ground floor there are small modular spaces, equipped with technological systems, for events and exhibitions. There is also an educational laboratory for children on karstic phenomena and the history of speleology.

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