The salama da tai

44030 Guarda Ferrarese FE, Italia

Simona Bertolaso

Guarda Ferrarese


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The salama da tai is a sausage produced during the winter months and consumed after at least six months of seasoning in rural houses without heating and lofts.the perfect seasoning of this product is given by the humid climate characteristic of our areas near the river Po.
The lean parts of the adult pig are selected with great care: shoulder, neck and ham. To these cuts of meat is added bacon and part of the ham fat in a percentage of 30%. Everything is minced not too finely. Once the mixture is spread out, sea salt, freshly cracked Indian pepper and fresh crushed garlic soaked in white wine are added. Everything is mixed together by hand and stuffed into a bladder, which has previously been well washed and left in vinegar for at least twelve hours. Tied tightly to the stalk, from the top to the bottom and also crosswise, it takes on a round and coarse shape, similar to the famous salamina da sugo.
The salama is ready to be hung and matured.

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