The Robiola of Roccaverano

14050 Roccaverano AT, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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Robiola di Roccaverano is a fresh cheese subjected to maturation or refinement and for its production whole raw goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk is used, coming exclusively from the production area. Its origins date back to the Celts, who produced a cheese similar to today’s product. With the arrival of the Romans, the cheese took on the name "rubeola". But the importance of "Robiola" was highlighted in a manuscript of 1899, among the historical information of political interest: in the Municipality of Roccaverano five annual fairs were held, during which "excellent Robiole cheeses" were sold for export. The diet of the sheep and goats and the cows is also obtained by grazing the animals and using green and/or preserved fodder obtained from the meadows and pasturelands which are rich in numerous aromatic and officinal plants. It is precisely these spontaneous species of officinal herbs, or those with particular qualities, that constitute a high-quality foodstuff for sheep and goat farms, as well as for cattle, and whose various aromas and flavours give ‘Robiola di Roccaverano’ a fragrance that distinguishes it from all other cheeses.
The product is released for consumption, depending on the seasoning, in the types Fresh, Refined or Seasoned and Dry.

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