The Mazzocca Wood of Riccia

SS212, 86016 Riccia CB, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



Natura incontaminata
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The Bosco Mazzocca di Riccia, a real oasis of uncontaminated green, is composed of about 450 hectares of Cerris, Ash trees, Robinie and Bossi where you can spend moments of pure relaxation in contact with nature. In the woods it is easy to find porcini and chanterelle mushrooms, woodland strawberries, blackberries, maldonite fairy flax, primroses, dog roses, Turkey oak fruit, holly and butcher’s broom. In the same way, while walking, you can meet the pheasant, the barn owl, the magpie, the robin, the yellow oriole, the hoopoe, the wood pigeon, the blackbird, the peregrine falcon, the wild boar, the weasel, the fox, the badger, the dormouse, the beech marten, and some hares.
A few kilometres from the town centre, the Wood offers various refreshment points, with the presence of restaurants and open-air kiosks during the summer season, but also equipped areas for camping or picnics with wooden benches and tables, barbecues and various services located in the upper part of the area called "Biscotto".

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