The Marais Poitevin

25 Rue du Grand Port, 79210 Arçais, Francia

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The Marais Poitevin has been a Regional Nature Park since 2014. It is a green ecotourism destination par excellence and is part of Vendee, Les Deux-Sevres and Charente-Maritime.
The Marais Poitevin is located near Niort, halfway between Poitiers and Rochelle. It is spread across 3 French « départements » and 2 regions.
There are 3 “marais” (marshes) :

The wet marsh (the most renowned),
The dry marsh,
Aiguillon bay, with its incredible biodiversity

The wetland here is often referred to as « Green Venice », in reference to the traditional flat-bottomed boats called « plates » (“flats”), steered by market gardeners and ferrymen, using long poles called «pigouilles».
There are many piers from which you can take a guided tour, and you can even rent your own rowing-boat or canoe. You can also explore the Marais by foot or bicycle.
A breath of fresh air for family nature holidays or romantic getaways!

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