The Golden Love Tree or Lovers’ Tree

52046 Lucignano AR, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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Many believe that the famous Albero dell’Amore d’Oro (Golden Tree of Love) in Lucignano has the power to intensify and make eternal the promises of happiness and love of couples who go in its presence at the Municipal Museum of the characteristic village, which has become famous throughout the world as the land of love.
It is basically a very original and above all unique goldsmith’s reliquary in the shape of a tree. It took more than 120 years to make. A work that bears the names of Ugolino da Vieri and Gabriello D’Antonio.
From the trunk of the tree (2.70 m high) depart 12 branches, six to the right and six to the left, with decorated leaves and small shrines. Red coral has also been used to symbolize the fruits of the plant. A those who remember the blood of Christ. On the top there is a crucifix and a pelican portrayed in the act of pecking its own breast to feed its young with its own blood. Another image that recalls the death of Jesus. At the base there is a small Gothic temple on which the tree itself is grafted. In 1914 the tree was stolen by unknown persons and buried. When it was found, it was later restored to its ancient splendour.

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