The beautiful roses of San Giovanni Park

Via Edoardo Weiss, 34126 Trieste TS, Italia

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The Park of San Giovanni is located in Trieste in the district of San Giovanni, near the seat of the University of Trieste in Piazzale Europa. Once belonging to the district of the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital of Trieste, after a restoration that has rendered the appearance of the original English garden, with formal flowerbeds and large trees, it now has an extension of about 22 hectares and houses within it 40 buildings of various sizes. Inside, it includes the Roseto di S. Giovanni, inaugurated in 2009, an enchanting and very well-kept place, rich in roses arranged according to systematic, historical but also ornamental criteria.
Realized with the collaboration of the Cooperativa Agricola San Pantaleone, thanks to the financing of the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, it was designed by Vladimir Vremec, with the intention of creating a contemporary garden; it includes almost 5000 varieties of roses, both ancient and modern, including some that are not found on the market, obtained from English, German, French, Dutch, American and Japanese hybridisers. The Rose Garden of San Giovanni Park is certainly one of the largest in Italy and Europe….
Entering from the lower entrance of the Park, an ideal path winds through the paths, stairs and tree-lined avenues, in a succession of plants and ancient roses to reach the upper part, where there are modern roses.
As a tribute to the era of construction of the former Psychiatric Hospital, a collection of Liberty roses has also been created, placed in symmetrical and specular flowerbeds on either side of the path accompanied by arches covered with climbing roses of the period.
In the large sunny terraced area, at the north-eastern end of the park, is the largest part of the rose garden, dedicated to the most famous modern roses: Hybrid Teas, bunch roses, climbing roses interspersed with clematis and ornamental grasses…

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