The Bay of Saracens in Varigotti

Baia dei Saraceni, 17024 Varigotti SV, Italia

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Further on, towards Capo Noli, another beautiful beach that stretches for a few hundred meters.
Malpasso beach – Varigotti (distance: 14 km)
The free equipped beach of Malpasso, between Varigotti and Capo Noli, is one of the most beautiful places of the Riviera. The characteristics of the beach are similar to those of the nearby bay of Saracens except for the size and shape. Here the beach is straight and much wider, between two large cliffs and rocks scattered here and there. The seabed is soft and sandy. At the height of the beach, on the other side of the Aurelia road, there is a large pay car park. The beach can also be reached by bus (Malpasso bus stop).
Possibility of refreshment at the beach bar (open in the summer season).
Bay of the Saracens
Malpasso beach
Baia dei Saraceni is a fabulous natural harbour between the promontory of Punta Crena and Capo Noli. It is famous for its beauty and in particular for the conformation of the seabed, low and very sandy and for the blue water, with rocks overlooking the sea. In the eastern part the seabed is rocky.
The beach is very small and follows the curved profile of the bay in front of a group of houses. To the west the beach of the Bay of Saracens is closed by a small rocky promontory about ten meters high, where the water is crystal clear, the bottom is completely sandy and almost flat and you can walk to the open sea. The beach is accessible by a single path that starts from the Aurelia, a few meters after the tunnel of Varigotti, and descends between the walls of two private properties.
At the height of the beach, on the other side of the Aurelia road, there is a large pay car park.

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