The Altpernstein Castle in Altpernstein Michel

Altpernstein 1, 4563 Micheldorf in Oberösterreich, Austria

Simona Bertolaso

Micheldorf in Oberösterreich


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The Altpernstein castle is a Medieval Castle in Altpernstein Michel village in Upper Austria in the district Kirchdorf an der Krems in Traunviertel. It is a castle with a moat spur of a hill to their house stone mountain deer forest.
Around the castle are also 35.88 acres of conservation area (lsg16, 2006) are reported.
The castle is about 400 feet above the Krems Valley, 900 meters above sea level. It is dominated by some 200 meters from her home mountain.
As the castle stands on a rocky outcrop, it is surrounded on three sides by nearly vertical walls plunging and on the fourth by a moat. It is accessible only by a brick bridge in the 18th Century replaced a drawbridge.
The entrance to the castle is the deepest point of the roughly saddle-shaped rock on which the building was erected. From the terrace, guests can be seen that the rock falls just up on the side of the valley up to the third floor under the roof.

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