Segovia Cathedral

Plaza Mayor, 40001 Segovia, Segovia, Spagna

Simona Bertolaso



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The  cathedral is located in the higher point of the town, standing out as watchtower the tower of the temple.The construction of the cathedral of Segovia began in the year 1525, during the reign of Carlos V. It is in the late Gothic style and was built after the fire in the old Romanesque cathedral in the year 1520. It has a ground plan with three naves, lateral chapels and a semicircular sanctuary with an ambulatory.

The church was built according to the design of Juan Gil de Hontañón, and has three doorways: the Puerta del Perdón, the work of Juan Guas, is on the main façade, while on the southern face we have the San Geroteo and San Frutos Doors.

It measures 105 m by 50 m and stands 33 m high at the main nave.

Inside, the major altarpiece is sculpted with marbles, jaspers and bronze, and it houses the Gothic image of Nuestra Señora de la Paz. There are 23 chapels with interesting works of art, the impressive major altar, and the exceptional organ, still used, among other elements. It also includes artistic and historic treasures distributed around the temple.

In the Cathedral Museum we can find excellent works of art, such as silversmith´ s craft pieces, tapestry, documents, etc.

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