Saint-Emilion the Medieval

Saint-Émilion, Francia

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Saint-Emilion the Medieval
The region of Saint-Emilion is famous not only for its wines but also for the city itself, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which from the top of its hill overlooks the surrounding vineyards and the Dordogne valley.
The medieval city of Saint-Emilion includes the largest monolithic church in Europe and a large number of ancient buildings, caves, monuments dating from the Middle Ages and many other sites of interest to inside and around the bustling city. Saint-Emilion is at the heart of the wine region; its history and heritage bear witness to this.According to legend, the town of St Emilion was founded by a monk from Brittany who sought refuge in a cave in a place called Ascum Bas in the 8C. After making a miracle, he fled his notoriety. His name was Emilion. He lived as a hermit, dedicating the rest of his life to worship and performing miracles which earned him a following. The village was named St Emilion after his death.

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