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Regensburg, Germany

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Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany that was settled by a 600-soldier Roman camp on a hill at the empire’s border in 90 AD and has been remarkably preserved and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city suffered minimal damage during WWII, with the loss of an old Romanesque church of Obermünster which I recently discovered is still laying partially in ruins and a Jewish Synagogue which is today, finally in the process of being rebuilt! It is the only example of an intact medieval city in the country.
There are many bridges crossing the Danube, but the Old Stone Bridge shouldn’t be missed. Built in 1135, the bridge leads directly into Old Town Regensburg with its narrow streets and ancient squares.
Many say the city was sparred by the intense fog that is known to permeate every corner of the town during because of the Danube River. However, the railway station, freight yards and Messerschmidt air craft factory were all destroyed with a small portion of the historic Stone Bridge receiving damage.
Today, you can stroll through the winding alleys lined with antique shops and explore the Regensburg Cathedral just as it was before the war and enjoy one of most popular cities in Bavaria which is an one of the best day trips from Munich!

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