Pont Du Gard

400 Route du Pont du Gard, 30210 Vers-Pont-du-Gard, Francia

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Pont Du Gard is a 50 kilometer long ancient Roman aqueduct bridge (waterhouses used by Romans) across Gardon river in Remoulins commune of Southern France. The bridge is a true masterpiece of ancient Roman architecture. It was built in the half of first century A.D to transport water from Uzes commune to Roman province of Nimes. It is one of the best preserved monuments of ancient Roman architecture and a world heritage site in France.
Pont Du Gard is a three storey aqueduct bridge standing 50 meter high and longest level measuring 275 meters in length.The number of arches and span changes from lower level to upper level. The bridge was constructed out of 50400 tons of limestone without using mortar. The blocks were precisely cut by the builders so that they fit closely together.

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