Po Delta Rice PGI

44037 Jolanda di Savoia FE, Italia

Simona Bertolaso

Jolanda di Savoia


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The PGI Po Delta Rice refers to the product obtained from the cereal belonging to the species Oryza sativa L., subspecies Japonica, Superfino group, in the varieties: Carnaroli, Volano, Baldo and Arborio. This precious cereal arrived in what is considered the Italian Camargue around 1500. Here it takes root perfectly and constitutes an atypical rice-growing in the Italian panorama, of the rotational type, but whose product is qualitatively better. The production areas, mostly within the perimeter of the Great Ferrarese Reclamation, are Jolanda di Savoia, Massa Fiscaglia, Berra and two hamlets of Codigoro, Mezzogoro and Pontelangorino. The most common varieties are: baldo, arborio, carnaroli, volano.
Rice is made up of 90% starchy substances, but the remaining components, proteins, lipids, crude fibre and mineral salts, are just as necessary for nutrition. In terms of composition and assimilability, rice proteins are qualitatively superior to those of any other cereal.

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