Pisa:Teatro Rossi Aperto

Via Collegio Ricci, 56126 Pisa PI, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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The facade in Via del Collegio Ricci just opposite the historic seat of the Faculty of Letters (now Law) does not make you think in any way to a theater, yet there behind the theater is a jewel of eighteenth-century architecture, a small masterpiece of Baroque, the oldest theater in Pisa that from the ’50s onwards with the advent of mass cinema and the decline of the avanspettacolo is gradually abandoned.
More than sixty years of neglect and degradation had turned the stalls into a bicycle shed, the stuccoes of the boxes and the wings of the stage had deteriorated and the youngest people in town did not even know of the existence of the Teatro Rossi until a collective of students, temporary cultural workers and citizens have not reopened the doors and cleaned the foyer, the stalls and the stage, since then – almost three years ago – was born T.R.A. Teatro Rossi Aperto.

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