Pari, the small village between Siena and Grosseto

58045 Pari GR, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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Pari is a small, very picturesque village situated between Siena and Grosseto, practically on the border between the two provinces, which here is marked by the valley of the Farma river, a tributary of the Merse. Sometimes, because of its position, the village is also referred to as the place where the Maremma begins, although more often the Maremma proper begins at Paganico. Pari is 377 metres above sea level and dominates the valleys of the Ombrone river and its tributary, the Merse. The profile of the nearby Mount Amiata, an ancient extinct volcano, stands out in front of the village.
The village has medieval origins and preserves its ancient urban fabric. The structure of the village has an elliptical plan and follows the trend of the ancient walls of which some traces remain. In particular, it is possible to recognize the few remains of the two access gates to the village: the Porta Senese and the Porta Grossetana.

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