Palawan Island and El Nido

El Nido, Provincia di Palawan, Filippine

Simona Bertolaso

El Nido


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Any visit to Palawan Island would be incomplete without spending some time at El Nido. The name comes from the Spanish for “The Nest” and it is a town which stands at the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago at the northernmost extremity of the island. This is the home of some truly spectacular scenery both above and below the sea. It forms the El Nido Marine Reserve Park with such endangered species as the giant clam. Philippine cockatoos have also recently been reintroduced. The nearby Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, established in 1993, is also incredible covering an area of 332 square kilometres it includes north and south reefs (atolls) and various islets. The north islet is an important breeding ground for birds and turtles and features a pristine coral reef and a 100 metre vertical wall. There are also several other coral islands and lagoons.

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