Osman Pasha Fountain

Ordu, Distretto di Altınordu/Provincia di Ordu, Turchia

Simona Bertolaso



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The Great Osman Pasha Fountain is located in the Düz neighborhood of Altınordu and it
is constructed by Trebizond Governor Hazinedarzade Osman Pasha natively from Ordu in 1842.
Afterwards it was damaged many times and repaired; it got harmed in a big fire in 1883 and the columns of this amazing structure cracked as a result of the attack with cannonball of Russian Army in First World War. Step by step those cracks have increased and expanded hence; it was demolished in 1937 and also, a new park named as ‘’Has Bahçe’’ (private garden of the sultan in English) was built instead of that. In 1997, Osman Pasha Fountain which has an elegant and aesthetic artistic value was rebuilt by Fahri Çelebi who was an important businessman, in accordance with its original shape under the leadership of the mayor Fikret Türkyılmaz.
This amazing masterpiece, pupil of the city, Osman Pasha Fountain is made of the cubic face stone with flat roof. In our day, there are found two monolithic watering holes in each side of the fountain and two taps still running water. Moreover, it includes an inscription with five lines written in Ottoman Turkish and a framed tughra (sultan’s signature).Additionally, at the beginning, there was a little dome on the main vault but later it was removed and a bronze finial was inserted instead of that.

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