Orgaz Castle

Calle Prado de Lucas, 2B, 45450 Orgaz, Toledo, Spagna

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Orgaz Castle lies in the province of Toledo.
It is a later Christian castle, in its present form dating back to the 14th/15th century.It is in a good state thanks to restorations. King Pedro I gave it to a Martin Fernández. King Carlos I later granted Don Alvaro Pérez de Guzmán, the title of Count of Orgaz. But at that time the castle was badly damaged because the kings troops had set it afire when the villagers, allies of the Comuneros, had resisted him. In the 18th century the castle was abandoned.
The castle has a, 20 meters high, keep. The entrance door next to the keep bearing the coat of arms of the Guzmán family, is Renaissance. In spite of its location, on level land and in the middle of the village, it once had a moat and an outer enclosure.
It has a rectangular groundplan with a projecting keep, at the south side, and en peculiar semicircular, apse like, tower at the east side. It has 5 little turrets. The walls are of rubblework masonry with patches of ashlar masonry.

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