Ojai: California’s New Age Capital

Ojai, California 93023, Stati Uniti

Simona Bertolaso



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Ninety minutes’ drive north of Los Angeles sits Ojai, California’s unofficial New Age capital. It stood in for the mythical Eden of Shangri-La in Frank Capra’s classic Lost Horizon, and fittingly so: It’s a lush, sun-soaked town that’s said to sit on an energy vortex—meaning you can get spiritual as well as physical R&R. But even a lost paradise can’t hide from angry Mother Nature.In June, there’s more to explore than just the counterculture and the countryside: There’s the weekend-long 72nd annual Ojai Music Festival, with concerts from dawn to late night. It coincides with the local wine festival, starring vintages from more than 60 local vineyards and 30 craft breweries. The month ends with a charming pick-your-own Lavender Festival at Frog Creek Farm. Whenever you visit, make sure to set aside one evening to sip sundowners while watching light dwindle on the Topatoga Bluffs, turning them a brilliant shade of pink—the ultimate Insta-friendly moment.

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