Museum of the Faenza Apennines landscape

47864 Pennabilli RN, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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Museo del paesaggio dell’Appennino faentino (Museum of the landscape of the Faenza Apennines) is a permanent non-profit institution, at the service of the community, open to the public, which holds, preserves, enhances and promotes the study and knowledge of its collections and the cultural heritage of the city in order to enhance its cultural and territorial heritage.
The Fortress of Riolo Terme, as an example of ancient defensive fortification of the Senio Valley, is a Museum of the Territory, and at the same time an information point, of documentation, conservation and enhancement of the historical memory of the territory.
It is a Museum of time and space: of time because the structure, as evidence of a historical period, is able to evoke the Middle Ages, transmitting emotions and knowledge; of space because it represents the territory as a whole, an asset to be preserved and communicated, with all the expressions and signs of work sedimented over the centuries.
The Rocca di Riolo houses the Museo del Paesaggio dell’Appennino Faentino (Museum of the Landscape of the Faenza Apennines) which contributes to enhancing the value of the structure, together with various knowledge trails.
The Museo del Paesaggio has been designed to revive the past with the tools of the future and to capture the attention of everyone: adults, children, students, enthusiasts and experts.

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