Lipizzaners, the oldest horse breeding in Europe

6210 Lipizza, Slovenia

Simona Bertolaso



Siti Storici
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Lipizzaner stallions were the favourite horses of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, of which Trieste was for a long time a part. Lipica is only a few kilometres from Trieste, but it is already Slovenia. It is the oldest horse farm in Europe and the charm of this legendary place will remain with you forever. The Lipica Stud Farm, which has been in operation for over 400 years, is a place of Slovenian pride. The oldest stud farm in Europe, where this breed of horses is bred without interruption, is part of the cultural and historical heritage and fascinates visitors both with its horses and its amazing landscape. Upon entering the estate, a visit to the old stables with specimens of all classic Lipizzaner lines, a visit to the Lipizzaner museum and the carriage museum, a tour of the pastures, tree-lined avenues and parks await you.
We suggest you take a walk in the huge oak park after buying a picnic basket with local products on the spot or visit the breeding farm in a carriage.

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