Les Rapides on the Congo River

Brazzaville, Congo

Simona Bertolaso



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These wide and powerful rapids on the Congo River at the outskirts of the city are where the Congo River gets nasty. About 20 minutes from the centre of town, these rapids prevented 19thcentury  European settlers travelling down the Congo River.

The Congo River, formerly also known as the Zaire River, is the second longest river in Africa, shorter only than the Nile, as well as the second largest river in the world by discharge volume, following only the Amazon. It is also the world’s deepest recorded river, with measured depths around 219.5 m (720 ft).

Les Rapides are a section of the river dominated by untamed rapids which are next to impossible to navigate. But at Pont Djoué, to the southwest of Brazzaville‘s city centre you can sit in a bar or walk along a bridge and enjoy a beautiful view of this natural phenomenon and the surrounding landscape.

Most people observe the rapids from the nearby bar Site Touristique Les Rapides, but the best viewing is at the other end, down the sandy track after the bridge.

The famous Livingstone Falls can also be found nearby.



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