Lecce: Porta Napoli

Piazzetta Arco di Trionfo, 73100 Lecce LE, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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The second city gate stands on the ashes of San Giusto. In fact, the martyrdom of Oronzo and Giusto started here. Along the way were built 11 chapels representing the stations of martyrdom in which the saints were most insulted and mistreated. The last chapel is the so-called capu te Santu Ronzu which is outside Lecce, in the direction of Torre Chianca.
In front of Porta Napoli you will find the Obelisk, erected in honour of Ferdinand I in 1822. In this historical period the Carbonari uprisings were the master, so the rebels against the king tried to steal the precious stone that was used to raise it at night. To mock it, they even painted it black to make it look like basalt, but a rainy day was enough to reveal the deception.

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