Lake Manasarovar: the highest freshwater lake in the world

Manasarovar, Burang, Prefettura di Ngari, Cina

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Prefettura di Ngari


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Lake Manasarovar is the highest freshwater lake in the world. This holy lake is located in Western Tibet, about 4590 meters above sea level. Lake Manasarovar is also one of the important pilgrimage centers of Buddhists and Hindus. According to Hindu tradition Manasarovar was created by Lord Brahma and waters of this lake have power to bring the salvation. The lake Manasarovar is also considered as an epitome of purity.
The lake Manasarovar is almost in round shape and has a circumference of 88 kilometers. Around the shores the water is in clear blue color and in the center the color changes to deep green. The crystal clear waters of Lake Manasarovar brings mirror like reflection of Mount Kailash and that view is just unbelievable. The Spring season is the best time to visit lake Manasarovar.

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