Hidden Tuscany: Loro Ciuffenna

52024 Loro Ciuffenna AR, Italia

Simona Bertolaso

Loro Ciuffenna


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Certainly of Etruscan origin, this citadel was initially called only "Loro", in honor of the laurel plants. The word "Ciuffenna", which refers to the river that divides the town in two and supplies energy to the numerous mills and olive presses that populate the surrounding hills, was added much later, in 1862.Although not located on either the Via Francigena or the Via Romena, Loro Ciuffenna experienced a period of splendour due to its proximity to Florence and Arezzo, where the rich lords used to establish their second homes. The small and concentrated historical centre, the well-preserved buildings and streets have earned it a place on the coveted list of the "Most beautiful villages in Italy", distinguishing it as a place where you can stroll through the alleys and breathe in an atmosphere of other times.
Particularly interesting is the fact that the city was built in a gorge, under which flows the river Ciuffenna.

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