Geneve: The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

1202 Ginevra, Svizzera

Simona Bertolaso



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Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
The garden is home to over 16,000 different species of plants (rockery, medicinal, horticultural…), trees and shrubs blooming at different seasons to ensure the all-year round feast for the eyes. This large catalogue of greenery is spread out through different sectors such as the Greenhouses, Rockery, Arboretum and Winter Garden. If you would only have time for one of those, we strongly recommend the Winter Garden, built in 1913 and moved to its current location in 1935, it beholds a wide variety of tropical plants and fruits. The greenhouses of Pregny, once owned by the Baron Rotschild, is another true treasure of green abundance and diversity.
The Botanical Gardens Herbarium contains one of the world’s largest collections of plants and fungi with around 6,000,000 specimens.
Collections of the Botanical Garden and Conservatory include The Animal Park, The Garden of Smell and Touch, The Historic Rose Garden, the Path of Evolution and many more.

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