Fried aubergines in Cordoba

Cordova, Provincia di Cordova, Spagna

Simona Bertolaso



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Fried aubergines have become a typical Cordovan dish present in all travel guides and in the menus of the restaurants and taverns in the historical centre. They are eaten as if they were pipes and there are real addicts. If you pass by, you know that they can’t be missing from your table.
The people of Cordoba, who are passionate about this dish, are living a kind of underground civil war and a gastronomic war that divides families, couples and groups of friends into two irreconcilable camps: those of fried aubergines with honey (from sugar cane) and those of fried aubergines without honey, served only in their particular tempura.
Lately, the honey is put aside, so that the blood does not run between the two sides and still, there are disputes because it is not the same to melt the honey with the hot eggplant as to spray it cold. War is served, but recently a new group has emerged, encouraged by the foreign foodies that are becoming more numerous in the city: those of the fried aubergines soaked in salmorejo, which are gaining followers at great speed.

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