Fox Plaza Tower

2121 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA

Simona Bertolaso

Los Angeles


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Yes, Die Hard counts as a holiday movie (if an unconventional one), as it’s set on Christmas Eve. This classic 1988 action flick has Bruce Willis fighting terrorists who’ve taken over Nakatomi Tower in Los Angels—and the building actually exists in LA, although it’s real name is Fox Plaza tower (alternatively known as 20th Century Studios Plaza) is a 34-story, 493-foot (150 m) skyscraper in Century City, Los Angeles, California.
It is owned by the Orange County–based Irvine Company.Interestingly, both the exterior and the interior of the tower were used to film the movie. Lucky fans were recently treated to an outdoor screening of Die Hard in front of the tower for the film’s 30th anniversary, and reporters were given a tour of the building’s interior filming locations.

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